After cloning a user, an error is returned about saving the changes to the User because the name ref (NETIQKB44923)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Jun-2007


Directory and Resource Administrator 7.x

After cloning a user, an error is returned about saving the changes to the User because the name reference is invalid.

Error: 'Error saving the changes to the User. The name reference is invalid.'

The issue can be caused by an Active Directory property having an incorrect format or value. If one of the template object properties is invalid or incorrect, this error may be returned.  


To troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Change Service Logging to All on the domain controller.
  2. Reproduce the error. For example, clone a user in Directory and Resource Administrator.
  3. Open the MCSAdminSVC.nq1 log and search the log from the bottom up for the error: "The name reference is invalid".

  4. For example, you will see errors that reference the invalid property, similar to the following:

    AccProv: SetInfo call failed. hr = 8007202F, 'A constraint violation occurred.'.
    Error Code = hr = 20B5, 'The name reference is invalid.'.
    Error Message = 000020B5: AtrErr: DSID-03152286, #1:
    0: 000020B5: DSID-03152286, problem 1005 (CONSTRAINT_ATT_TYPE), data 0, ATT 200ab (homeMTA)
    Provider Name = LDAP Provider

  5. Run ADSI Edit to view the template object property referenced in the error.  In the previous example, the property would be homeMTA

    In this example, the homeMTA property referenced an Exchange server that was in the Deleted Objects container.

    CN=Microsoft MTA\0ADEL:dfe8e89a-2901-40e5-8817-0a638b866304,CN=Deleted Objects,CN=Configuration,DC=Domain,DC=com

To resolve the issue, perform one of the following: 

  • Correct the property value with ADSI Edit.
  • Recreate the template account.
  • Use the clone exceptions key, if you do not want the property cloned.

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Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB44923