How do I configure my personal firewall to work with Security Manager? (NETIQKB44485)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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How do I configure my personal firewall to work with Security Manager?

How do I configure Security Manager with Windows XP Service Pack 2?

Security Manager 5.5

Security Manager 5.1

Personal firewall prevents user interface connections

Firewall prevents agent installation and management

Access denied errors from the Analysis Console with personal firewall enabled

Unable to deploy a Windows agent to a computer with a personal firewall enabled


Personal Firewall Prevents User Interface Connections

If you have a personal firewall blocking connections between the user interface and central computers, some user interface components do not work properly or generate access denied errors. This issue is typically caused if you did not configure the firewall. For example, if you installed Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Firewall blocks these connections by default. Configure the firewall to allow these connections.

To configure a personal firewall for a user interface computer:

  1. Open TCP port 135.
  2. After you install the user interfaces, allow connections for the following applications, which are located in the \Program Files\NetIQ Security Manager\OnePoint folder:
      • VSOC\VSOC.exe
      • NetIQ.SM.LogSchedulingWizard.exe
      • EnableArchivalReporting.exe
      • ModuleImport.exe

For more information about configuring your personal firewall, see the personal firewall product documentation.


Firewall Prevents Agent Installation and Management

If you have a network or personal firewall blocking connections between a computer you want to monitor and the central computer, the central computer cannot deploy the agent.

To work around this issue, complete the following task:

  • Manually install the agent
    • SM 5.5 - unmanaged agent
    • SM 5.0/5.1 - control level of None

For more information about manually installing agents, see the Installation Guide.  


For information about what ports Security Manager uses, please see NETIQKB43296 - "What ports does Security Manager use?"

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