What are the new benefits and features of NetIQ Group Policy Administrator (GPA) version 4.5? (NETIQKB44214)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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What are the new benefits and features of NetIQ Group Policy Administrator (GPA) version 4.5?

NetIQ Group Policy Administrator 4.5


NetIQ Group Policy Administrator (GPA) 4.5 contains the following benefits and features:

Offline mirror utility
Populates the safe GPA offline repository with all the GPOs (Group Policy Objects) in a domain. Speeds time to value when implementing a GPO change management solution.

Point in time reporting and health checking
Lets you compare GPOs at two different points in time and analyze GPO changes. The health check helps you detect corrupted data and common errors in GPOs. If problems occur, GPA lets you quickly locate, troubleshoot, and restore to a known, good GPO.

Enterprise consistency checking
Lets you compare multiple GPOs across your enterprise with a master GPO to ensure GPOs reflect your current policy.

Interoperability with native tools
Lets you use GPOs created with native tools so you can begin where you are. Then, use GPA to extend your GPO management capabilities, including enhanced backup and restore, RSoP reporting, and complete workflow auditing.

Move functionality in the Repository
Lets you move GPOs seamlessly from category to category in the Repository.

Improved Comparison and Differentiate report
GPA 4.5 now compares additional information on GPOs such as links, WMI filters, raw registry data and permissions of GPOs.  Differentiate reports now include new 'Z' cases to display where information is 'similar'.  For example, a 'Z' case will be displayed if the account name matches (but SIDs are different), if the GPlink path matches (minus the name of the domain), or if WMI is using the same filter name.

Extended information in GPO Reports
GPO Reports now include hotlinks which present detailed information about the specific GPO setting.

Improved Software Installation Reporting
Software installation package information is now shown in installed and uninstalled sections.

Report Layout Customization GUI
Lets you customize the report layout via an easy-to-use GUI interface.

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