What are best practices for polling of SNMP Values at specific time intervals? (NETIQKB43802)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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What are best practices for polling of SNMP Values at specific time intervals?


Polling of SNMP Values can be accomplished with the SyncGet, SyncGetTable, SyncPoll or SyncPollTable scripts.

Get Scripts

For the SyncGet and SyncGetTable scripts, the polling interval is configured by setting the job to run at intervals, just like any other AppManager job. However, it is not recommended that these scripts be used for polling intervals of less than one minute. Below this threshold the effects of processor/disk/network delay can significantly affect the accuracy of time-dependent calculations such as Delta Calculations.

Poll Scripts

The basic purpose of the  SyncPoll and SyncPollTable scripts are to perform SNMP polling at short time intervals of less than 1 minute. The Poll scripts have algorithms for completely removing the effects of processing/disk/network delay from time dependent calculations such as Deltas. Without this capability, it would not be possible to get accurate polling data at short time intervals (the default is 5 seconds).

SNMP Values Notes

Given that this is a Generic Toolkit, the SNMP Values to be polled is entirely dependent upon what needs to be accomplished. Most commonly, SNMP Polling is used to track the rate of growth of SNMP Counters (such as Bytes flowing through an interface) or fluctuations in SNMP Gauges (such as CPU Utilization). To measure SNMP Counter Growth, the Calculate Delta option should be selected, while for SNMP Gauges it should not.

Multiple Device Notes

Finally, it is important to note that dropping the SyncGet/SyncGetTable scripts on multiple devices will result in the expected behavior. All devices will be polled more or less concurrently. However, the same is not true of the SyncPoll/SyncPollTable scripts. They iteratively poll each device on which the script is dropped in succession rather than all of them concurrently. Thus, best practice is to create a separate SyncPoll/SyncPollTable job for each device, while SyncGet/SyncGetTable jobs can be dropped on multiple devices.

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