How do I filter the rows to be retrieved from an SNMP Table with the 'SyncGetTable' KS or the 'SyncP (NETIQKB43800)

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How do I filter the rows to be retrieved from an SNMP Table with the 'SyncGetTable' KS or the 'SyncPollTable' KS?


The optional Table Indices parameter provides for a list of SNMP Table Index values that should be walked. If this option is not specified, then these knowledge scripts (KSs) will try to retrieve every row from the SNMP Table in a single SNMP Walk.

If a list of Table Indices is provided, these scripts will perform separate table walks for each supplied Table Index. This is done by concatenating each Table Index to the SNMP ODE/OIDs specified in the Descriptive and Data ODE/OID parameters. The number of rows retrieved from the table will be the summation of all the separate table walks performed.

Although Table Indices are numeric they are not restricted to a single value. Most SNMP Tables are multi-dimensional and indexed with more than one value. Other SNMP Tables may use IP Addresses, which is an index with four numbers. Some examples follow:

  • To retrieve just rows 3, 5 and 7 from the standardMIB II Interface Table,  set the Optional Table Indices field to '3 5 7'.
  • The standard Frame Relay MIB contains an frCircuitTable which has two indices. The first is the index of the network interface that the Frame Relay Link is using, and the second index is the DLCI. So, to only retrieve rows for DLCI 200 and 201 on network interface 4, the Optional Table Indices parameter should be set to '4.200 4.201'. To retrieve the table rows for all DLCIs on interface 4, set the Optional Table Indices to '4'.
  • The standard MIB II contains an  ipAddrTable that is indexed by the four numbers of the IP Address. To filter the table retrieval by subnet, set the Optional Table Indices to a partial IP Address such as '10.41.1'. This will retrieve all rows from the table in the 10.41.1 subnet.

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