What are the new features and benefits of upgrading to Directory and Resource Administrator 7.5? (NETIQKB43789)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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What are the new features and benefits of upgrading to Directory and Resource Administrator 7.5?

Why should I upgrade to Directory and Resource Administrator 7.5?

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.5


Directory and Resource Administrator 7.5 has several important new key features and functions, including the following:


Transform User ("Morph" User) provides the ability to use additive and subtractive templates for automating the group membership update process during transition of a person's role to a new department, location, etc.  This reduces overhead and Help Desk costs associated with calls due to inappropriate group memberships.  It improves overall security posture by ensuring unneeded group memberships are not retained by the user after transition.

IQ Extended Account Provisioning Automation Pack (add-on to DRA 7.5 sold separately) enables automated, rules-based provisioning of Active Directory based on an HR database (e.g. PeopleSoft, SAP HR, etc.).  It reduces the cost of creating new user accounts, reduces errors and accelerates the granting of access for new employees, contractors, etc.


DRA Win32 Console & Power Customization Support exposes schema extensions and allows for configuration of custom powers for user, group and computer attributes that are not shown by default in the Win32 console (includes support for text, integer and Boolean attributes).  It allows administrators to extend the DRA security model to custom Active Directory attributes, which reduces administration costs and improves internal security.

Enhanced Command Line Interface for DRA Delegation provides the ability to programmatically create and modify DRA objects, such as ActiveViews, Assistant Admins and Roles, using the command line interface.  It enables quick and systematic rollout and modification of the DRA security model, even when many ActiveViews, Roles or Assistant Admin Groups are involved.

Enhanced Exchange Support in the Web Console provides the ability to move mailboxes between storage groups in Exchange 2000 and 2003 in the DRA Web Console.  It expands the Help Desk's ability to administer Exchange mailboxes using the easy-to-learn and easy-to-use DRA Web Console.

Enhanced Administrator Control over Assistant Admin Search Options provides the Administrator the option to prevent end users from executing overly broad searches that consume time and server resources.  It gives the DRA Administrator the ability to programmatically enforce best practices among Help Desk end users.

DRA Win32 Console DC-Directed Unlock Support provides the ability to specify a DC when unlocking a user account using the Win32 console without having to reset the user account password.  It allows the Help Desk to direct the account unlock request to a specific domain controller, granting network access as quickly as possible to the end user.


Enhanced Exchange 2000/2003 Distribution List Self Service extends DRA GUI support for delegating distribution list management to departmental or workgroup list owners in Exchange 2000/2003 via Microsoft Outlook.  It expands departmental self-service capabilities, resulting in faster turnover of update requests and a lighter load on the Help Desk.

IQ Extend for Cross Platform Password Management (add-on to DRA 7.5 sold separately) extends DRA beyond Active Directory by using Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) to provide secure password management for other directories and non-Microsoft platforms.  It enables organizations to reap the benefits of a cross-platform password management solutio.
n without the need to implement another identity repository, additional middleware, or other proprietary solutions.  The Secure Password Administrator (SPA) add-on module can be used to extend cross-platform password management capabilities with end-user self-service to dramatically reduce overhead and Help Desk costs associated with forgotten passwords.

SPA Web Console Integration allows administrators to launch the SPA admin console directly from the DRA Web Console home page and allows end users to launch the SPA self-service console from the DRA Web Console self-service page.  It allows the user to seamlessly move from one application to the other, reducing administrative overhead and lowering training costs.



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