How do I create an action to send mail using Lotus Notes (Domino)? (NETIQKB43590)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 20-Oct-2010


NetIq AppManager Suite 6.x
NetIq AppManager Suite 7.0.x


How do I create an action to send mail using Lotus Notes (Domino)?
How do I configure the Action_NotesMail Knowledge Script?
How do I send a mail message with AppManager event information to Lotus Notes (Domino) email users?
Does AppManager have an Action Knowledge Script that I can use to send Lotus Notes (Domino) email?


You can use the Action_NotesMail Knowledge Script to send a mail message with AppManager event information to one or more Lotus Notes/Domino email users.

To use this Knowledge Script, you need to have a Lotus Notes/Domino server running on the computer initiating the action (the management server or the managed client).

AppManager automatically constructs the Subject and Body of the message to include the following information:

  • job ID
  • managed client computer name
  • Knowledge Script name
  • object where the event is raised
  • event ID
  • severity level of the event
  • event message
  • event detail message

The user can specify the recipients and the sender's name with the following values:

  • List of Notes users to receive mail message: Enter a list of recipients separated by commas with no spaces, using the Notes user name format. For example, Chris,Pat.West,Raul. The default value is netiq/netiq.
  • Sender name: Enter a name to identify the sender of the e-mail. The default is NetIQ AppManager.

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