How do I identify account name conflicts prior to migrating? (NETIQKB43500)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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How do I identify account name conflicts prior to migrating?

How does Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) handle account name conflicts (i.e. duplicate accounts, accounts with same name) during migration?

What is the 'Name Conflicts' report used for?

Domain Migration Administrator 6.x

Domain Migration Administrator 7.x


Use the Domain Status 'Name Conflicts' report to identify duplicate user, group, and computer accounts prior to your migration.  Users may have accounts in multiple domains, or you may have two accounts in different domains that have the same name.  You need to identify overlapping account names and determine whether the accounts map to the same user or to different users.

If you have duplicate user, group, or computer accounts, you need to determine how to handle these user accounts. To resolve the naming conflict, Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) provides the following options:

  • Ignore conflicting accounts and do not migrate
  • Replace and update existing accounts
    • Remove existing user rights
    • Remove existing members of groups being replaced
  • Rename conflicting accounts by adding the following:
    • Prefix
    • Suffix

This information can also be obtained from Chapter 2 of the Domain Migration Administrator and Server Consolidator User Guide (located in \Program Files\NetIQ\DMA\Documentation\DMA & SC User Guide.doc)

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