How do I configure the iSeries product so my system name prints on my reports? (NETIQKB43344)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 05-Nov-2007


Fact:  NetIQ Security Solutions for iSeries 8.0

Fact:  System Auditing and Reporting (SAR)

Fact:  System Access Analysis (SAA)

Fact:  Data Auditing and Reporting (DAR)


Goal: How do I configure the iSeries product so my system name prints on my reports?



There are 2 ways to add the system name to the bottom of the majority of the reports generated.  Both of these work, however, the first option works for more reports than the second, due to overrides:

A)  To place the System Name on the bottom of most reports (this would be on the second Footer):

1.      On a command line, type WRKSYSVAL QPRTTXT and press ENTER.

2.      Place a 2 on the line in front of the value and press ENTER.

3.      Type what you want this line to say, being careful not to exceed the 30 character limit and press ENTER.  This is where you would place the System Name.

B)  To include the system name at the bottom of each report page  (this would be on the first Footer):

Change the value for PRTTXT in JOBD(PSAUDIT/AAJOBD) so scheduled jobs will show the system name:
CHGJOBD  JOBD(PSAUDIT/AAJOBD)  PRTTXT(?SYSTEMA?) Change the Job Description (JOBD) specified in your user profile so the job?s PRTTXT attribute is set when interactive job starts:
CHGJOBD JOBD(QGPL/MYJOBD)  PRTTXT(?SYSTEMA?) Sign off of your session and back on to pick up the change.

?SYSTEMA?  - The name of your system surrounded by apostrophes.

MYJOBD      - The actual name of the JOBD for your profile.

 Some SAR jobs may override the job?s PRTTXT value:

AACLSA2 - Security Analysis
AACL16   - Programs That Adopt Authority
AA0100C - 10 Point AS/400 Security Check-Up


1.      This will not work for all reports, just the majority.

2.      You will need to do this for every system that you have this installed on.

3.      Undocumented changes to this system value can make the system name disappear from the reports.


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