Computers imported from a CSV file do not appear in the data modeling wizard. (NETIQKB43044)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 17-Apr-2008


Domain Migration Administrator 7.x

Computers imported from a CSV file do not appear in the data modeling wizard.

When computers are selected by importing a CSV file, you must append each computer's samAccountName with a dollar sign ($).  During the import process, Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) incorrectly updates the SourcePath column in the SelectedObjects table of the project's database. The path is created in the database as WinNT://domain/computerName$. The dollar sign should only appear on the samAccountName value. This causes the computer to appear missing from the Modeling:Edit Computer data interface.


This is a known issue with Domain Migration Administrator (DMA).  However, keep in mind that Microsoft Windows 2000/XP or later machines cannot be renamed and migrated at the same time. This limits the usability of the modeling functionality. However, if the modeling functionality is necessary to direct machines to a different OU, or you are migrating Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 machines, you can use the following process:

  1. Using Microsoft Access, open the projectName.mdb file (\Program Files\NetIQ\DMA\Projects\projectName\projectName.mdb).
  2. Select Tables.
  3. Double-click the SelectedObjects table.
  4. Remove the trailing dollar sign ($) from the end of the SourcePath value for the computer accounts.

An alternative way to do this is to perform a Find/Replace on the SourcePath column to find dollar sign ($) and replace it with a blank space. This will remove all dollar signs from the SourcePath column.

  • If you have computer names that actually contain a dollar sign, you will not be able to use this process and will need to update the values manually.
  • If you have users and computers that have the same name, you will not be able to use this process, as it will attempt to create a duplicate of the PrimaryKey value of SourcePath for the SelectedObjects table. 

Furthermore, computers and users of the same name cannot be migrated in the same project.


Please refer to the following NetIQ Knowledge Base article for more information on migrating computers and users that have the same name:

NETIQKB14193  - User accounts are not available in the 'Migrate User Accounts' wizard.


Please refer to the following NetIQ Knowledge Base article for more information on importing selected objects:

NETIQKB4521  - How can I select objects (users, groups, and computers) in a migration project by importing a CSV File?

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