Running a 'Differentiate AD Version' report of a Group Policy Object (GPO) in the Repository display (NETIQKB42774)

  • 7742774
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 17-Mar-2008


NetIQ Group Policy Administrator 4.0

Running a 'Differentiate AD Version' report of a Group Policy Object (GPO) in the Repository displays services with blank information when there is no difference in the settings

This issue is due to an issue introduced by the ability to customize the layout of the reports.


With the introduction of Hotfix41280, you now have the ability to customize the report layout which is detailed below.  If the Style for the System Services section is set to 1, the Differentiate behavior is changed which causes the issue.  A ticket is open to development to address this issue in a future release of NetIQ Group Policy Administrator (GPA).  To workaround this issue, edit thefaReptLayout.xml file and change the style of the System Services back to 0.

To edit the layout:

  1. Edit the \Bin\XML\Common\faReptLayout.xml file.
  2. If you want to customize whether or not the report displays in the column or section layout, change the following lines:
    <SECTION NAME="Software Installation" ID="Msi" ENABLE="1" STYLE="0">
    <SECTION NAME="System Services" ID="SecService" ENABLE="1" STYLE="0">
    <SECTION NAME="File System" ID="SecFile" ENABLE="1" STYLE="0">
    <SECTION NAME="Registry" ID="SecRegistry" ENABLE="1" STYLE="0">

    Specify STYLE="1" to view the section in column format.
    Specify STYLE="0" to view the section in the old section format.
    Specify ENABLE="1" to display the section.
    Specify ENABLE="0" to not display the section.
  3. If you want to use the column layout and change what columns the report displays, change each of the column lines, such as this one:
    <ATTRIBUTE NAME="Script Name" ID="P" ENABLE="0"/>

    Specify ENABLE="1" to display the column.
    Specify ENABLE="0" to not display the column.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB42774