How do I automatically create new Exchange mailboxes for user accounts as they are migrated? (NETIQKB42648)

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How do I automatically create new Exchange mailboxes for user accounts as they are migrated?

How do I use a script to create Exchange mailboxes?

Domain Migration Administrator 6.x

Domain Migration Administrator 7.x


DMA can run a post-process script that creates new mailboxes. You can obtain this script from Microsoft and modify it for your environment.

The following Microsoft Knowledge Base article contains a sample VBscript that creates an Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003 mailbox for an existing user: Microsoft Knowledge Base article 327079, How to programmatically create a mailbox for an existing user in the Active Directory by using CDOEXM,;en-us;327079&Product=exch2003.

To create new mailboxes:

  1. Obtain the script from Microsoft Knowledge Base article 327079.
  2. Using a text editor, open the script and locate the following line:
  3. Set oIADSUser = GetObject("LDAP://CN=UserName,CN=Users," & strDefaultNC)

  4. Replace the line identified in the previous step with the following text:
  5. Set oIADSUser = targetObject

  6. Save and close the script.
  7. In DMA, run the script.

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