How can I have DMA merge on existing accounts in their current OU while migrating new accounts to a (NETIQKB42612)

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How can I have DMA merge on existing accounts in their current OU while migrating new accounts to a different OU?

How can I get mapping information into the DMA database?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.2


If DMA has an existing mapping for migrated accounts, you can use the database modeling functionality to merge on the existing account.

    • As of the release of DMA 7.2, when you use the step Modeling:Import Data in a migration project, DMA will first check the MigratedObjects table of the Protar database for an existing mapping for an account that matches the source domain and source samAccountName of the users and groups selected for the project.
    • If it finds a mapping, DMA will pull the information from the MigratedObjects table and populate the CN, DisplayName,samAccountName, and tgtOUPath in the Modeling Users or Modeling Groups information which is stored in the Model table of the project's database.
    • When performing this import, selecting Keep Modeling Changes or Discard Modeling Changes will not change this behavior for accounts that have an existing mapping.

For accounts that do not have an existing mapping, DMA populates the CN and DisplayName with the Full Name from an NT account, or the actual CN and DisplayName from an Active Directory account.

    • For an NT source, if no Full Name is specified, DMA will populate these fields with the samAccountName from the target account. The tgtOUPath will default to the target OU specified in the Project.
    • If you select the option to Keep Modeling Changes, DMA will keep any previously updated modeling information for objects that have not yet been migrated. If you select Discard Modeling Changes, DMA will revert back to the initial functionality of using the source user account properties to populate the modeling information.
    • If you are importing information for objects that have already been mapped or migrated using DMA, you will first want to make sure that information is accurate.
    • If any accounts have been moved or renamed after they were mapped or migrated, you will need to run the Refresh Migrated Objects report in the Domain Status section of the Reporting wizard. This will not only give you a report for anything that has been moved or renamed, but it will also update the MigratedObjects table of the DMA Protar with the updated information. Keep in mind that to (re)migrate these objects you will need to select the option Show previously migrated objects in project migration wizards in the DMA settings as DMA considers them migrated as a result of adding the mapping information.

There are several different ways to get this mapping information into the DMA database.

  • Run the SID History report.
    • For more information, refer to the following Knowledge Base article regarding the SID History report:
  • Use the Update Active Directory Connector (ADC) Accounts wizard.
    • For more information, refer to the following Knowledge Base article regarding the Update ADC Accounts wizard:
  • Import mapping information from a CSV.
    • For more information,  refer to the following Knowledge Base article regarding Importing objects from a CSV:
  • Mappings of previously migrated accounts.

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