Does the Command Line Interface (CLI) support WTS Profile Path? (NETIQKB42108)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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Does the Command Line Interface (CLI) support WTS Profile Path?


Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x
Directory and Resource Administrator 7.x


Beginning in Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) version 8.0, the Command Line Interface (CLI) supports Microsoft Windows Terminal Server (WTS) profile paths.  To resolve this issue, upgrade to the latest version of Directory and Resource Administrator.


The WTS Profile Path is available via the DRA ADSI provider and a script can be created using the DRA ADSI provider to script this bulk change.  Information about the DRA ADSI provider can be found in the Software Development Kit (SDK).   In addition, the SDK installs an example application based on the DRA ADSI provider called UpdateWin2k.xls.  This Excel application allows the retrieval of properties of various classes (computer, contact, group, organizationalUnit, user) from Active Directory and then the ability to update multiple properties to Active Directory from an Excel Spreadsheet.    

Information about the Software Development Kit can be found at:

  • NETIQKB311: What is the Software Development Kit (SDK) and what can it do? 

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