How can I customize or specify which object DIRSYNC will synchronize? (NETIQKB42085)

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How can I customize or specify which object DIRSYNC will synchronize?

Exchange Migrator 2.x

I want to customize the Exchange Migrator CLI DIRSYNC command.


By default, the EMCLI DIRSYNC command synchronizes Distribution Lists and Mailboxes from an Exchange 5.5 site or from the entire target Active Directory domain, if the target server is an Exchange 2000 or later server.

You can customize the behavior of the command by adding a registry key and value. By default the command uses an LDAP query similar to the Microsoft Active Directory Connector query, depending on whether you are synchronizing an Exchange 5.5 or Exchange 2000 server.

By default on an Exchange 5.5 server, DIRSYNC uses the following LDAP query:

By default on an Exchange 2000 server, DIRSYNC uses the following LDAP query:

You can customize the EMCLI query to Add criteria to the query or to Replace the default query.

  • Use the DirsyncReplace* string value to replace the default search string
  • Use the DirsyncAdd* string value to concatenate (add) the new search string to the default search string

You can modify the behavior of the DIRSYNC command by adding a registry key and then editing the string value for it on the computer where you are running Exchange Migrator.

WARNING: Using the Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. NetIQ cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the incorrect use of Registry Editor can be solved. Make sure that you back up your Registry prior to making any changes. Use the registry editor at your own risk.

To modify the behavior of the DIRSYNC command:

  1. Add one of the following registry keys in the following location: HKey_Local_Machine\Software\NetIQ\ExchangeMigrator
  2. Type the query as a string value in the key you added, such as:  &(Extension-Attribute-8=Migrate)

For Exchange 5.5:
Add to the default query: DirsyncAddE55QueryString
Replace default query:     DirsyncReplaceE55QueryString

For Exchange 2000:
Add to the default query: DirsyncAddE2KqueryString
Replace default query:      DirsyncReplaceE2KqueryString

DIRSYNC concatenates string values in the to DirsyncAdd* registry keys and replaces the string values in  DirsyncReplace* keys.

To apply the DIRSYNC command to Exchange 5.5 mailboxes that have Custom Attribute 8 = Migrate:

  1. Add the following registry key on the Exchange Migrator computer: HKey_Local_Machine\Software\NetIQ\ExchangeMigrator\DirsyncAddE55QueryString
  2. Set the string value for this key to the following value: &(Extension-Attribute-8=Migrate)

After making these changes, Exchange Migrator applies the following DIRSYNC command:


DIRSYNC does not support use of both an Add and Replace registry key. If you have both DirsyncAdd* and DirsyncReplace* keys.
, the string value in the DirsyncReplace* key overrides any values in the DirsyncAdd* string settings.



The syntax for adding queries to the registry keys is standard LDAP syntax. The corresponding mailbox property values for Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI) providers are documented on the Microsoft Web site.  For more information, see the following resources:

LDAP Search Filter Syntax

Object Classes Used for ADSI Support
For Exchange 5.5
For Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003:

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