'MC Can't Locate Job' event message (NETIQKB41396)

  • 7741396
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 16-Feb-2011


NetIQ AppManager 6.x
NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x


When the Managed Client is reinstalled or cold started, all jobs for that agent report the error in the Operator Console: 'MC Can't locate Job'

Error: 'MC Can't Locate Job' is displayed on the Events tab in the AppManager Operator Console.

AppManager job goes into a running state, but then stops (i.e. for a discovery job, it does not stop)

Job aborts with 'MC Can't Locate Job' error event message.


If the job information is still contained within the AppManager Repository (QDB), restart the jobs from the AppManager Operator Console to push this information back to the AppManager Managed Client (Agent)'s local repository. These symptoms result when the agent cannot enumerate the Management Server (MS), but the MS can enumerate the agent. When you submit a job, the MS sends the job to the agent. The agent start the job and acknowledges to the MS the running state using the connection opened by the MS. When the job finishes, or raises an event/data, the agent communicates this to the MS by opening a connection to the MS. If the agent cannot connect to the MS, this job notification will fail.

To troubleshoot the connectivity between the Management Server and agent:

  1. Open the Operator Console.
  2. In the Extensions menu, use "netiqctrl" with the following syntax:

    netiqctrl> listms agent netiqmc
    Note: Replace agent with the actual agent host name.

    This command will show the state of the MS from the Agent perspective. The MS should list this Agent as up. If the Agent shows as down, then the agent cannot communicate with the MS.
  3. Check if the MS name and IP address is listed correctly.
  4. Verify if the Agent is using the IP or hostname to communicate with the MS.
  5. Verify if the IP address is correct if the Agent uses IP (the default).
  6. If the IP address is incorrect and the hostname is correct, use the job AMAdmin_ConfigSiteCommType to change the agent to use the hostname instead.

For more information on cold starting the NetIQ AppManager Client Resource Monitor Service, please refer to the following NetIQ Knowledge Base article: NETIQKB86


If the AppManager Managed Client no longer has the job information listed in its local repository, the 'MC Can't Locate Job' error message may be generated. This occurs if the NetIQ Appmanager Client Communication Manager service or the NetIQ AppManager Client Resource Monitor service is cold started using the -oa switch, or if the AppManager Managed Client (Agent) is reinstalled.

Clustered Management Servers are conflicting over control of the Agent.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB41396

The jobs may create this error in the Operator Console even after the jobs are restarted.  However, immediately after this the jobs are rewritten to the local repository on the agent machine.