What fixes are included in Exchange Migrator 2.3 Hotfix 40591? (NETIQKB40591)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 08-Sep-2008


What fixes are included in Exchange Migrator 2.3 Hotfix 40591?

What issues are addressed in Hotfix 40591 for the EMProfileUpdate utility?

Exchange Migrator 2.3


This hotfix is cumulative and includes all issues corrected in previous hotfixes.

Hotfix 40591 addresses a number of issues concerning the use of the EMProfileUpdate utility. After installing this hotfix, ensure any logon scripts or other automation you enabled are updated to designate the new EMProfileUpdate utility.

This hotfix addresses the following issues:

  1. Corrects an issue in which the EMProfileUpdate utility could not properly find and update profiles that included international characters. Individuals experiencing this issue may have seen rc=2 errors and hr=81002746 errors while running the utility.
  2. Corrects an issue in which the EMProfileUpdate utility populated the mailbox name of a profile with the full x500 path, instead of the simplified mailbox name. 
  3. Provides the ability to designate the full x500 path as the mailbox name property of an Exchange profile. To populate the mailbox name property of a profile with the full x500 path of the mailbox, designate the new -useDistinguishedName switch.
  4. Corrects an issue in which the EMProfileUpdate utility provided with Exchange Mirgrator 2.3 did not accept the -reprocess switch. The -reprocess switch allows you to run EMProfileUpdate against a MAPI profile previously processed with an earlier version of EMProfileUpdate. Use the following syntax when specifying the -reprocess switch:
    EMProfileUpdate <FileName.tab> -reprocess
    If you want to use the -useDistinguishedName switch with the -reprocess switch, use the following syntax:
    EMProfileUpdate <FileName.tab> -reprocess -useDistinguishedName
  5. Resolves an issue when using EMProfileUpdate to update a profile that references an offline folder file (.ost). EMProfileUpdate renames the existing folder file, allowing Outlook to create a new default offline folder file for the profile.
  6. Corrects an issue in which Exchange Migrator connects to one domain controller in the target, then connects to a different domain controller when migrating. This behavior could cause intermittent failure in an Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 migration scenario.
  7. Provides the ability to add an extra column to the <FileName.tab> that declares the display name of the target exchange profile. For example, if you are changing your naming convention from <lastname, firstname> to <firstname lastname>, you can add a column at the end of the appropriate profile entry declaring the new display name for the profile. If you do not populate this field, your new profile display name will match your old profile display name.

    Use of the -useDistinguishedName switch overrides the use of this new column.
  8. Corrects an issue when translating the primary mailbox of an Exchange profile. If you experience situations  in which translated profiles lose their primary delivery location or the addition of the Microsoft Exchange Message Store service instead of the Mailbox service to a profile, this hotfix corrects the issue.


This hotfix requires Exchange Migrator 2.3.

To install this hotfix, exit Exchange Migrator and run the EM23000_Hotfix40591.exe file on your Exchange Migrator computers.

Hotfix 40591 updates or installs the following files in your Exchange Migrator folder:

* EM23000_ReadmeNETIQKB40591.txt
* EMProfileUpdate.exe
* ExchangeUtil.dll

By default, these files can be found in the following folder:
\Program Files\NetIQ\Exchange Migrator

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB40591