How does Exchange2000_ConnectorStatus determine the status of a connector? (NETIQKB40176)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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NetIQ AppManager 6.x
NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x


How does Exchange2000_ConnectorStatus determine the status of a connector?


The Exchange2000_ConnectorStatus uses the following WMI Class to retrieve the current status of connectors on an Exchange Server:

NameSpace:  root\cimv2\applications\exchange

Class:  ExchangeConnectorState

The output here is an example of what the knowledge script retrieves from WMI. 
ConnectorList = 1:35:CONNECTOR FOR BISCOM FAX (NT111111)|1:36:Connector for Lotus Notes (NT110111)|0:10:SMTP Relay|
Putting the results into a more readable format, note that the character | delimits the connectors in the list, while the character : delimits the STATUS, Connector name string length, and connector name, for each connector.
1:36:Connector for Lotus Notes (NT110111)|
0:10:SMTP Relay|
In this example, WMI returns 0 for the status of SMTP Relay, indicating the connector is down.

To see and verify the results from WMI, the Exchange2000_ConnectorStatus knowledge script can easily be modified to display the entire connector results returned in the event detail. 

Edit the Exchange2000_ConnectorStatus.qml file in the Appmanager Developer Console, or in any text editor.  Locate the following lines:

 If DO_EVENT = "y" Then
      If ConnStatus <> "1" Then
       detailmsg = "Connector " & ConnName & " on machine " & strMachName & " is down.
       MSActions Severity, "Connector " & ConnName & " is down", AKPID, resmsg, detailmsg
      End If
     End If

Modify the detailmsg line so that it reads as follows:

       detailmsg = "Connector " & ConnName & " on machine " & strMachName & " is down. ConnectorList = " & ConnectorList

Save the script as Exchange2000_ConnectorStatus_test .qml, and check it into the AppManager repository. 

Run the KS on any Exchange Server you wish to investigate.  When a connector is detected down, the Event indicating such will be generated, and will contain the entire connector list and their status.

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