How are the old reports migrated into the new reports in Security Manager 5.x? (NETIQKB39241)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 12-Sep-2007


How are the old reports migrated into the new reports in Security Manager 5.x?

What are the different types of reports available in Security Manager?

How does Security Manager new reporting engine categorize reports?

Security Manager 5.X


Security Manager 5.x introduced a new reporting engine, which distributes reports into the following 3 categories.

  • Forensic Analysis Reports: Forensic Analysis reports provide a consolidated view of the raw data for all collected logs using the UTC time standard.
  • Summary Reports: Summary reports allow you to examine summarized information occurring on or before the previous day for certain platforms or across multiple platforms in your enterprise network.
  • Trend Analysis Reports: Analyzing trends allows you to compare data over a period of time to identify ongoing security issues occurring on network nodes through your enterprise. Trend Analysis reports display inter-related, summarized data contained in a multi-dimensional database called the online analytical processing (OLAP) cube.

Note: The Log Manager Analysis Console (Analysis Console) allows you to create, see, and print reports of data collected from computers, servers, devices, routers, and switches in your enterprise. For more information about these reports, see the Security Manager User Guide. 

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