What subsystems are a part of the NetIQ iSeries agent? (NETIQKB39140)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 02-Jul-2008


NetIQ Security Solutions for iSeries


What subsystems are apart of the NetIQ iSeries product?

What are the subsystems in the NetIQ iSeries product used for?


Refer to the following descriptions of each subsystem.

  • ZALOG - PSAudit - System Access Analysis (SAA)
  • ZDDSBS - PSAudit - Data Auditing and Reporting (DAR) - starts automatically if needed by DAR
  • ZPSAMON - PSAudit - System Auditing and Reporting (SAR) - SQL/QRY Command monitor)
  • ZPSSMON - PSSecure - Remote Request Management (RRM) Collection Monitor
  • ZASBS - PSSecure - Inactive Session Monitor (ISM)
  • ZPSD - PSDetect monitors
  • ZPSE - Subsystem needed for Communications with Secure Configuration Manager and Security Manager.

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