How do I schedule multiple instances of a report with different filters? (NETIQKB37682)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 28-Jun-2007


Goal: How do I schedule multiple instances of a report with different filters?

Fact: Security Solutions for iSeries 8.0

Fact: System Auditing and Reporting (SAR) 

Cause: The SAR Report Submittal window will not allow scheduling of a report multiple times for most reports.  When taking Option 7=Schedule, the Change Job Schedule Entry screen is presented rather than the Add Job Schedule Entry screen.


You must first delete the existing scheduled job via WRKJOBSCDE.  Make note of the run frequency and the filter being used (if any) before deleting. For the purpose of this example, the SAR Changed Objects Report will be used.

From the SAR Object Reports Menu, complete the following:

  1. Select Option 14  Changed Objects, and press Enter.

  2. Make desired edits to Library, date range, output file, and filter, and press F7.

  3. Enter Frequency, Day and time information, and press F14, which will bring up the Display Command String command for the ADDJOBSCDE command.

  4. Highlight the command and copy it. 

  5. Press F12 three times to return to the Objects Reports Menu and press F10 to obtain a command Line. 

  6. Type CALL QCMD, and press Enter.

  7. Press F11=Display Full and paste the command on this screen.  At this point you may want to also paste the command in a text editor, such as WORD, if you anticipate wanting to schedule additional runs for this report.

  8. It is necessary to remove the extra characters on the Command Entry screen,  such as the question marks (?) and the dash (-) in front of CMD.  Also, remove the extra spaces from the command so that it is in the proper format.  Once this is accomplished, press Enter to schedule report.   If there are errors, correct them until the command is accepted. 

It is a good idea to stagger the start times when running the same report so they do not conflict.

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