Will PSAudit work on multiple ASP's? (NETIQKB37310)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 08-Oct-2007


Will System Auditing and Reporting work on multiple ASP's?  

VigilEnt Security Agent for PSAudit 7.5

VigilEnt Security Agent for iSeries PSAudit 5.4


System Auditing and Reporting will not work on multiple ASP's. Currently, most VSA for iSeries options, that reference objects, will only use the objects in the Base System ASP. However, some options can reference objects located in any IASP, but only when the job is configured to specify an IASP through the job description or the SETASPGRP command.

System Auditing and Reporting will not consolidate object information across all IASP's on the system, therefore an object load and any object reports must be run individually for each IASP of interest. For example, to gather information for SAR(object load) for objects on an IASP called "MYASP" and produce a 'Largest Objects' SAR report for the 50 largest objects, perform the following steps:

  1. Set the "MYASP" IASP for the current job by typing SETASPGRP ASPGRP(MYASP)  on a command line and press Enter.
  2. Access the PSAudit Submittal Window by executing the following Options:
    1. Select Option 1 PSAudit, press Enter.
    2. Select Option 1 System Auditing and Reporting, press Enter.
    3. Select Option 2 Object Reports Menu, press Enter.
    4. Select Option 7 Largest Objects, press Enter.
  3. Verify that the values in the PSAudit submittal window fields match the values below:
    • *ALL/Gen*/*USRLIBL/Lib field: *ALL
    • Number of Objects field: 50
    • Reload database before: Y
    • Filter name field: DEFAULT    
    • Output file: *NONE
    • *Replace *Add records field: *REPLACE   
    • Run interactively: *NO
    • Hold on JOBQ: *NO
  4. Press Enter to submit the Largest Objects report.




ASP stands for Auxiliary storage pool.

IASP stands for independent auxiliary storage pool.

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