Gaps in data appear in a graph. (NETIQKB37025)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 16-May-2007


AppManager 5.x



WebSphere Application Server 4.x

WebSphere Application Server 5.x

Gaps in data appear in a graph.


There are five reasons why one or more data points may be "missing" in a graph in the Chart Console or in a Report:

1.         There was no activity on the WebSphere application server since the last time data was collected.  For example, if there were no invocations of a servlet since the last time data was collected, the average request processing time cannot be calculated.  Similarly, a cache hit ratio cannot be calculated if there were no accesses of the cache since the last sample.

2.         The WebSphere application server was not running when the job tried to collect data.

3.         The job was stopped and then restarted.

4.         The NetIQ Agent was disabled (as a result of the NetIQAgent script being run with the "Start server?" parameter set to "n"). The data for most Knowledge Scripts cannot be collected if the NetIQ Agent is disabled.

5.         The AppManager Unix Agent, which is used to run Knowledge Scripts, was too busy running other scripts to maintain the specified that was specified for the Knowledge Script with the missing data points.  If this occurs, you will either need to run fewer Knowledge Scripts simultaneously, or you will need to modify the schedule so that the Knowledge Script is executed less often.

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Formerly known as NETIQKB37025