How do I user UserDump to create a dump file for troubleshooting and debugging issues? (NETIQKB36792)

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How do I user UserDump to create a dump file for troubleshooting and debugging issues?

Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.x


The Userdump.exe utility can be used to generate a user dump of a process that shuts down with an exception or that stops responding (hangs).

To create a .Dmp File for a Hanging Process, please perform the following steps ( The following example is for the DRA Server Service ):

  1. Launch the Command Prompt on the DRA server.
  2. Type in UserDump -K PID, where PID is the process ID of the MCSAdminSVC process. (For more information on how to determine the PID number for a process, please refer to the bottom of this article.)
  3. Click OK.

The above syntax will create a DMP file called process_name.DMP (MCSAdminSVC.DMP) in the directory from where the command was run.

To determine the PID number of a particular process, please perform the following steps:

  1. On the DRA server launch Task Manager.
  2. Select the Processes tab.
  3. Ensure that the Show processes from all users is checked.
  4. Sort the screen by Image Name.
  5. Scroll down to the MCSAdminSvc.exe process and note the process id number listed in the PID field.

After running the above command use the DRADiagnosticUtil.exe to gather the DRA server logs along with the UserDump log and e-mail them to for review.

The UserDump utility will not kill the process unless the process apprears to be hung, but will create the DMP file regardless of whether or not the process is hung.

UserDump and its documentation are part of the OEM Support Tools package and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Website:

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