Multiple Management Server connections to the Repository server. (NETIQKB36631)

  • 7736631
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 12-Sep-2007


AppManager for Unix V2

Sun Solaris 2.9

AppManager 5.0.1

AMADMINUNIX_ SetPrimaryMS Knowledge Script

Multiple Management Server connections to the Repository server.


When the AMADMINUNIX_ SetPrimaryMS Knowledge Script is run, the following error is given in the resulting Event: Please make sure that is up


Here is a work-around:

1. Add the fully-qualified domain name, e.g.,,  to the DNS suffixes on the Management Server.

a. From the desktop, right click "My Network Places" and select "Properties".
b. In the "Network and Dial-up Connections" window just opened, right click "Local Area Connection" and select "Properties".
c. Select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in the middle of the Local Area Connection Properties window and click "Properties" button.
d. On "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties" window, click the "Advanced" button.
e. On the "Advanced TCP/IP Settings" window, click the "DNS" tab.
f.  Click the "Append these DNS suffixes (in order):" radio button.
g. Click the "Add..." button below this radio button.
h. In the "TCP/IP Domain Suffix" window, type fully-qualified domain name, then click the Add button.
i.  Close each of the popup windows with the "OK" button.
j. Close the "Network and Dial-up Connections" window.

2. To force a refresh of the MS host table, stop then restart the NetIQms service.  Otherwise The MS host table will be refreshed automatically within 15 minutes.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB36631