When multiple groups are selected for deletion from the users 'Member Of' section an error occurs. (NETIQKB36624)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Jun-2007


Directory and Resource Administrator 7.0

When multiple groups are selected for deletion from the users 'Member Of' section an error occurs.

Error: 'An unhandled exception has occurred.'

An error occurs when attempting to remove a user from multiple groups from the 'Member of' tab, using the Accounts and Resource Management or the Delegation and Configuration Management console.

The above problem occurs in the base class used by the list views, 'VirtualListView'. When it handles changes in the item states, it adds items being selected to an internal list. However, when doing so it does not check for duplicates. So, when range-selection is being made, as in the reproduction cases above, items may end up in the selection list several times causing various problems later in the code, and groups end up in the list twice.

When removing objects from groups from the 'Properties' pages, multiple entries for the group cause an exception. When removing from groups in the 'Details' pages, the operation to remove user from group is submitted to the server twice, causing an error during second submit.


This problem has been corrected in Service Pack 1 for Directory and Resource Administrator 7.0.

The following workarounds are available for this problem:

  • When removing a user from groups from within 'Properties' pages, do NOT use extended selection capabilities (the Shift key) to select the groups. Perform the selection of groups using the Ctrl key only.  Assistant Admins have to hold the Ctrl key and click each group they want to remove the user from.
  • Perform removal from groups from within 'Details' pages. If Assistant Admins use the Shift key to do the selection of groups, the GroupMemberRemove operation will succeed, but they may receive one or more misleading error messages ("The Object is not a member of the Group."). If they use the Ctrl key to do the extended selection, the operation will succeed.


The Service Pack 1 for DRA 7.0 can be downloaded from the following link:


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