What are the new benefits and features of NetIQ Group Policy Administrator (GPA) version 4.0? (NETIQKB36622)

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What are the new benefits and features of NetIQ Group Policy Administrator (GPA) version 4.0?

NetIQ Group Policy Administrator 4.0


This version of the NetIQ Group Policy Administrator product (GPA) provides several new features. This version also improves usability and extends several capabilities. Many of these improvements were made in direct response to suggestions from our customers. We thank you for your time and valuable input. We hope you continue to help us ensure our products meet all your needs.

This document outlines why you should install this version, provides additions to the documentation, and identifies any known issues. We assume you are familiar with previous versions of this product. For more information about installing GPA, see the User Guide.

Why Install This Version?
GPA 4.0 provides increased security and management capabilities for your Group Policy environment. GPA now includes improved Change and Release Management, a critical best practice for implementing Group Policy. Administrators can track the history of Group Policy Object (GPO) changes, including who made the changes, from initial design to retirement.

The following sections outline the new key features, functions, and compatibilities provided by this version.

Offline RSoP
Allows users to simulate the impact of Group Policy Object (GPO) changes in production without promoting it into the live environment.

Total offline management
Allows users to manage all parts of Group Policy creation and testing without requiring native privileges in Active Directory.

Wizards and taskpads
Enables users to reduce time spent re-learning common GPO management steps and improve administration efficiency.

Workflow notification
Provides users advanced change management to reduce the risk of errors by sending email notification on all major repository change control actions, including approval, check-in, check-out, import and export.

Save RSoP queries
Allows users to save RSoP queries for re-use to decrease the time needed to test GPO modifications.

Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) interoperability
Provides users with the ability to preserve or leverage past work while extending GPMC functionality with enhanced backup and restore, RSoP and reporting functionality.

Windows 2003 support
Enables users to take advantage of newly introduced settings in Windows 2003 in combination with Group Policy Administrator's advanced change management, reporting and analysis features.

Enhanced reporting and health checking
Gives users the information necessary to make informed decisions about GPO deployments and in case of emergency, quickly find, troubleshoot and restore GPOs.

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