Migration hangs at 'loading information...' (NETIQKB36385)

  • 7736385
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 29-May-2008


Domain Migration Administrator 6.x

Domain Migration Administrator 7.x

Migration hangs at 'loading information...'

The Agent Status window for computer migration comes up blank, but the agents are dispatched, installed, and run successfully.


The path to the dispatcher.csv file is incorrect. This can occur when a project is imported from another console and the path to the DMA installations are not the same.

e.g. D:\Program Files\NetIQ\DMA\

        E:\Program Files\NetIQ\DMA\


To correct this issue:

  1. Remove the project from the current Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) installation:
    1. Select the Project in the DMA MMC.
    2. Right-click and select Remove Project. Note: If you plan to use the same project name again, you will need to manually delete the project folder and database from the \Program Files\NetIQ\Projects directory.
  2. Install Domain Migration Administrator  7.2.
  3. Select Create a Migration Project.
  4. Import the project.

If you have already installed Domain Migration Administrator 7.2 you will still need to follow the steps for removing and importing the project. You do not need to reinstall DMA 7.2

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB36385