After running EMProfileUpdate, the 'Outlook Address Book' message service no longer exists on the MA (NETIQKB35736)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 11-Dec-2007


Exchange Migrator 2.x

After running EMProfileUpdate, the 'Outlook Address Book' message service no longer exists on the MAPI profile.

EMProfileUpdate Error: "Failed attempting to recreate the 'Outlook Address Book' message service for profile [X]".

This issue is caused by a MAPI version conflict. This is the result of running EMProfileUpdate on a machine that has the Exchange management tools installed. Typically, this occurs when running EMProfileUpdate on the Exchange Migrator console.


Since EMProfileUpdate supports the Outlook version of MAPI32.DLL (Version 1.x) this should not be an issue for standard user desktops as they will not typically have the Exchange management tools installed on their machine.  The Exchange management tools include the Exchange versions of MAPI32.DLL (Version 5.x or 6.x) which are not compatible with EMProfileUpdate.

If you must run EMProfileUpdate on a machine that has the Exchange management tools installed, you may perform the following steps as a possible workaround to temporarily provide an Outlook version of Mapi32.dll for EMProfileUpdate to function properly.  Perform this task when Outlook and the Exchange management tools are not in use.

  1. Rename Mapi32.dll in the ...\winnt\system32 folder to Mapi32.old.
  2. Search the local machine for the Outlook version of Mapi32.dll (1.x) and place a copy of the 1.x version of Mapi32.dll in the ...winnt\system32 folder.  The Outlook version of Mapi32.dll may be located in the Program files\Common files\System\Mapi\1033\NT folder.
  3. Run EMProfileUpdate on the client machine using the -reprocess option.  For information about running EMProfileUpdate with the '-reprocess' option please see the following knowledge base article:
  4. Restore the Exchange version of Mapi32.dll in the ...\winnt\system32 folder by deleting the Outlook version (1.x) of Mapi32.dll in the ...\winnt\system32 folder and rename the original Exchange version from Mapi32.old to Mapi32.dll.

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Formerly known as NETIQKB35736