How do I synchronize migrated public folders if I have removed the project in which they were migrat (NETIQKB35436)

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How do I synchronize migrated public folders if I have removed the project in which they were migrated?

How do I synchronize migrated public folders when the migration project has been deleted?

Exchange Migrator 2.x


You can re-migrate the public folders in another project.  Keep in mind this will only work if the target public folders still have the same name and structure as they did in the source.  Exchange Migrator (EM) will merge on the existing public folders, append any new messages, and ignore conflicting messages.  If you change the target hierarchy prior to re-migrating the public folders, EM will create new folders emulating the original structure.

If you have renamed or restructured the target public folders, you may consider re-migrating the public folders using the Migrate mailboxes and public folders without messages option. Then you could simply delete the duplicate folders that are created and update the database with the correct location to the target object, as stated in the Exchange Migrator 2.2 SP1 Release Notes.  This method will make EM aware that the objects have been migrated so you can perform a synch and update later.

If the structure has not been moved or renamed, the initial re-migration will completely replace the Access Control Entries (permissions) on the target public folder.  If you have added or changed permissions on the target public folders since the original migration, these permission changes will be lost.  After this initial migration, subsequent runs using the Synchronize and Update Migrated Public Folders wizard will only append permissions and not overwrite.  However, if you move or rename them after the initial migration, please follow the steps in the Exchange Migrator 2.2 SP1 Release Notes for updating the database prior to running the Synchronize and update Migrated Public Folders wizard.


The following information can also be found in the Exchange Migrator 2.2 SP1 Release Notes:

Synchronizes Reorganized Public Folders

If you reorganize synchronized public folders without renaming them, Exchange Migrator can synchronize the reorganized public folders.

To continue to synchronize reorganized target public folders:

  1. Use Exchange Migrator to migrate the public folders you want to synchronize.
  2. Reorganize the public folders using a tool, such as Microsoft Outlook.
  3. Update the public folder location in the Exchange Migrator SQL or MSDE database. You may want to list the updated target public folder paths and then use a script to update the public folder location in the Exchange Migrator database. By default, the Exchange Migrator database is stored in the \NetIQ\Exchange Migrator folder on the computer where Exchange Migrator is installed.  Public folder paths are specified in the TargetContainer field in the MigrationInfo table.

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