What is the Vivinet Assessor/Diagnostics License Code used for? (NETIQKB35034)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 13-May-2010


Vivinet Assessor 3.x
Vivinet Diagnostics 2.x


What is the Vivinet Assessor/Diagnostics License Code used for?


When installing Vivinet Assessor or Vivinet Diagnostics, a unique license code is generated for that instance. The license code is derived from information unique to that system.  When registering a console, a valid authorization key is generated for only that license code. The license code and authorization key have a one-to-one relationship.

If moving Vivinet Assessor or Vivinet Diagnostics to another system, you must deregister the current instance.  If you do not deregister, you will not be able to register the new console.  Please be aware that changing the operating system, hard drive, or imaging the system console will make the software unusable unless properly deregistered prior to making any major system changes.  You will be able to register again after making the changes.

If you experience problems registering your console please have the CHR0315 reason code handy when contacting NetIQ Technical Support for assistance.

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Formerly known as NETIQKB35034