What are the software requirements for installing Directory and Resource Administrator version 7.x? (NETIQKB34212)

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What are the software requirements for installing Directory and Resource Administrator version 7.x?

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.x


Directory and Resource Administrator is composed of the Administration server and the user interfaces. The Administration server is a service that must be installed on a Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 member server computer or domain controller. The following is a list of Server components and User Interfaces:

Server Components

  • Administration Server
  • Exchange Administrator
  • Web Component

User Interface

  • Account and Resource Management
  • Delegation and Configuration
  • Web Console
  • Reporting and Query Tool
  • Command line interface (CLI)
  • ADSI provider

The minimum software requirements for installing Directory and Resource Administrator verion 7.x are as follows.

Administration Server
The computer that runs the Administration server service must have the following software installed and configured:

  • Microsoft Windows 2003 or Microsoft Windows 2000 server SP2 or later. However for full support of DRA features, such as specifying a domain controller during account management, install Microsoft Windows 2000 SP3.
  • Task Scheduler component of Internet Explorer 5.5 or later
  • NetBIOS protocol support
  • DCOM support

Exchange Administrator
To install and use ExA, the Exchange server must have LDAP support enabled and one of the following versions of Exchange software installed on the DRA server depending on the version:

  • Microsoft Exchange 5.5 SP3 Administration Tools
  • Microsoft Exchange 2000 SP 2 System Management Tools
  • Microsoft Exchange 2003 Standard Edition System Management Tools

Ensure the version of the Exchange tools matches the software version of your Exchange server

Web Component

  • Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0 or later
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or later
  • Task Scheduler
  • File System Object component (scrrun.dll)W3SVC service

User Interfaces

Web Console

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later

Account and Resource ManagementDelegation and Configuration, Command Line Interface& ADSI Provider

  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2003
  • NetBIOS Protocol
  • .NET Framework 1.1

By default, the setup program installs .NET Framework version 1.1.

Reporting and Query Tool

  • Microsoft Access 2000

By default, the setup program installs the runtime version of Microsoft Access 2000, which allows you to view reports. To customize reports, install the production version of Microsoft Access 2000.

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