How do I translate security for local groups on data going to an NAS? (NETIQKB33997)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 13-Mar-2008


How do I translate security for local groups on data going to an NAS?

Server Consolidator 7.x


Server Consolidator does not migrate local groups to an NAS. Therefore, by default it cannot translate security on a NAS or NetApp local group.

Below is an unsupported/untested workaround that may work in this scenario:

  1. Create a CSV file with the local group mappings as described in the online  help under Importing objects for Post Migration Tasks.
    1. Use \\sourceservername in place of the source domain.
    2. Use \\targetservername in place of the target domain.
  2. Open Domain Migration Administrator (DMA).
  3. Right click Domain Migration Administrator.
  4. Select Import Migrated Objects from a CSV.
  5. Follow the wizard to import the CSV file.
  6. Use the Translate Security for Network Appliance wizard in DMA to translate security on the data already on the NAS.

Alternatively for step 6 you could use the Translate Security wizard in Server Consolidator to translate the data BEFORE migrating it. Since the data is already migrated, you would have to re-migrate the data at this point to bring over the new permissions.

This workaround is not supported by NetIQ Technical Support.

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