Error: 'An application error has occurred and an application log is being generated'. (NETIQKB33858)

  • 7733858
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 14-May-2007


VigilEnt Security Manager 3.0 SR2

Microsoft Windows NT 4.0

Error:  'An application error has occurred and an application log is being generated'.

Error occurs exporting a report to Excel.


The problem is caused by the combination of the Farpoint grid control and NT4. On export completion the wrong thread is being cleared which causes the crash.


Re-register the PSReportTask.dll:

  1. Close the VSOC GUI.
  2. Navigate to the ?Pentasafe |VigilEnt directory and locate PSReportTask.dll.
  3. Rename the current ?Pentasafe |VigilEnt |PSReportTask.dll to PSReportTask_old.dll.
  4. Unzip (which can be downloaded from  ) and extract it into the Pentasafe |VigilEnt directory.
  5. Navigate to the Pentasafe | VigilEnt directory from a DOS prompt.
  6. Type regsvr32 /u PSReportTask.dll. You will receive confirmation that it has been unregistered.
  7. Type regsvr32 PSReportTask.dll. You will receive confirmation that it has been registered.  The new module should now be active.
  8. Open the VSOC GUI and export a report to EXCEL.


If the following error occurs:
     LoadLibrary("PSReportTask.dll") failed.
     GetLastError returns 0x000000b6

Then your mfc42u.dll is probably an old version.

To check the mfc42u.dll version:
01.  Close the error message.
02.  Using Windows Explorer navigate to C:\Windows\System32.
03.  Find the mfc42u.dll, right click on it, and select "Properties".
     (Don't confuse it with the Mfc40.dll, Mfc40u.dll, or mfc42.dll files.)
04.  Click on the "Version" tab.
05.  It should be 6.00.8665.0 or greater.
06.  If it is this version or higher contact NetIQ tech support.

To replace the mfc42u.dll:
01.  Rename the current mfc42u.dll to mfc42u_old.dll.
02.  Copy the new dll that is included in  to the Windows\System32 directory.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB33858