How do I use ckdb2? (NETIQKB33809)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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How do I use ckdb2?

AppManager 5.0.1

AppManager 5.0.1 SP1

AIX 4.3.3

AIX 5.1

DB2 UDB (Universal Database) 7.x, 8.x


ckdb2 is a command line utility that will detect and configure your DB2 instances for monitoring.  The utility is automatically invoked when running the component install and can also be executed manually.  The utility should be executed whenever you add a new DB2 instance and want to monitor that new instance.

1)        Log into the machine on which the DB2 UNIX module is installed.

2)        Ensure that you are running as the root user

3)        Change to the directory where ckdb2 is located:

cd /usr/netiq/UnixAgent/mo/db2/aix

4)        Execute the utility:


5)        The utility will look for DB2 in only three locations:

a.     /usr/lpp/db2_07_01

b.     /usr/lpp/db2_07_02

c.     /usr/lpp/db2_08_01

Then for all instances that it finds it will prompt the user to determine if they wish to monitor the instance. If so it will ask the user for the user name authorized for that instance (with a default of the instance name) and the corresponding password.

The utility will then connect to the instance in order to enable the DB2 monitor switches for that instance.  If any error occurs the user is asked again if they wish to monitor that instance.

For each chosen to be monitored the utility will send the security information for that instance and machine to the AM server associated with that machine.

After all instances to be monitored have been processed, the utility will prompt the user to run discovery.

6)        If the NetIQ UnixAgent is not installed in /usr/netiq you must set the NIQ_HOME environmental variable to where the UnixAgent is installed, example :

export NIQ_HOME=/usr/netiq



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