How many agents must be installed for each NDS tree? (NETIQKB33512)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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How many agents must be installed for each NDS tree?

VigilEnt Security Agent for NetWare 1.2

VigilEnt Security Agent for NetWare 1.3

VigilEnt Security Agent for NetWare 1.1


Before installing VigilEnt Security Agent for NetWare, you must decide how many agents you want to install for each of your NDS trees. There is no hard and fast answer to this, except that each NDS tree must have at least one agent. Installing multiple agents does not increase the speed that NetWare servers return information to the agents; however,reports are ready to view sooner because smaller portions of the tree are analyzed simultaneously (each agent generates a set of reports about the portion of the tree that it analyzes). The following information may help you decide how many agents are appropriate for your environment:

  • A single agent is generally sufficient unless the NDS tree is very large.
  • Install a single agent if you want the entire analysis to appear in one set of reports.
  • If you install a single agent and its performance does not meet your expectations,you can always install a second agent at a later time.
  • Install multiple agents if you want to analyze the entire tree and you want the analysis from certain containers to appear in a different set of reports.
  • Installing multiple agents per NDS tree requires additional configuration steps to specify which containers each agent analyzes.
  • Installing multiple agents requires multiple workstations. You can install one agent per workstation.

A test network with 3 servers and 30,000 objects in the tree takes one agent less than 15 minutes to run all reports.

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