Why am I getting Dr. Watson errors when installing the Vigilent Security Agent for Firewall? (NETIQKB33276)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 07-Jul-2008


VigilEnt Security Agent for VPN-1/Firewall ? 1 1.1.1


 Dr. Watson errors when installing the VigilEnt Security Agent for Firewall.


 Received an 'Event ID 7031' and Dr. Watson Error 'c000005', at memory location '00000000' or similiar.

The agents service would not start after installing Firewall-1 agent on the Firewall management station.

The results from choosing another java script instead of using the default during installation. Certain windows machines have difficulty running the packaged Java Run-time Environment, which is part of agent's service. This is usually the case when a machine already has Java of a different version installed.


When installing an agent on a specific windows platform:

If  there is Java installed on this platform, the following options are available:

  • Send Tech Support the full path to java.exe installed on your platform (other than agent's own).


  •  Install the agent on another machine, which may not exhibit these problems.


You may also run a test to verify:

  1. Stop the 'agent' service.
  2. Open the 'Task Manager' to verify that the service is not running (service shows up as process  'Java2Service.exe').
  3. Using a DOS shell, navigate to the agent directory (default location: C:\Program Files\PentaSafe\VSAF)..
  4. Remove any vsaf.log* files.
  5. CD to bin sub-directory.
  6. Run: VSAF.bat.  If it runs, you've have started the agent. You can verify it by looking for vsaf.log file in agent directory (default location: C:\Program Files\PentaSafe\VSAF).  If it is present, you (most likely) have the aforementioned issue with Java JRE.
  7.  If VSAF.bat does not run, please send Tech Support the error output.


This is a known issue for a installation on a Windows platform.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB33276