How do I install the 'NT Sync Trigger' component of VigilEnt Password Manager? (NETIQKB32191)

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How do I install the 'NT Sync Trigger' component of VigilEnt Password Manager?

What is the 'NT Sync Trigger' component used for in VigilEnt Password Manager?

VigilEnt User Manager / Password Management 1.0

VigilEnt User Manager / Password Management 1.0 SP1

VigilEnt User Manager / Password Management 1.0 SP2a

VigilEnt Password Manager 2.0

VigilEnt Password Manager 2.1


The NT Sync Trigger is a password filter that detects user password changes on a Windows domain controller.  When a password change is detected, the trigger sends a password synchronization request to VigilEnt Security Server (VSS, or Core Services) to automatically change the user's password on all related accounts specified in VigilEnt Security Manager (VSM).

To effectively use the NT Sync Trigger, it must be installed on the Primary Domain Controller (PDC) in a Microsoft Windows NT domain.  If the domain is a Microsoft Windows 2000 domain, the trigger must be installed on EVERY domain controller in the domain.  This is necessary due to the change in domain controller behavior from Windows NT to Windows 2000.  Because each Windows 2000 domain controller can now process password change requests, each domain controller must have the trigger installed to account for all possible password change locations.

To install the NT Sync Trigger component, perform the following:

  1. Start the installer on the host on which you want to install the trigger component. Refer to ?Starting the Installer? on page 7 of the User Guide.
  2. In the Choose Product Features window (Figure 1-2 on page 9), select the NT/W2K
    Sync Trigger
  3. Click Next.
    The MACHINE MUST BE A DOMAIN CONTROLLER window opens (Figure 1-18 on page 28), stating that the machine on which you are performing the NT/W2K Sync Trigger installation must be a primary domain controller (for Microsoft Windows NT) or a domain controller (for Microsoft Windows 2000).
  4. After you have verified that the machine is a primary domain controller or a domain controller, click Next. The Choose Install Folder window opens (Figure 1-3 on page 11).
  5. Specify the path name of the directory where the application should be installed. To select a location other than the default directory, click Choose to browse for a folder, or type an alternate path.
  6. Click Next. The Pre-Installation Summary window opens (Figure 1-4 on page 12).
  7. Review the information in the Pre-Installation Summary window, then click Install.
    An installation window appears while the application?s components are installing, then the VigilEnt Core Services Host window opens (Figure 1-8 on page 16).
  8. Enter the VigilEnt Core Services host name, then click Next. The VigilEnt Core Services Port window opens (Figure 1-9 on page 17).
  9. Enter the VigilEnt Core Services port number, then click Next. The Reboot Required window opens (Figure 1-19).  Note: Your machine will not reboot at this time. You will need to remember to reboot your machine after you are done with the installation.
  10. Click Next. The Install Complete window opens (Figure 1-14 on page 22).
  11. Click Done. The installation of the NT/W2K Sync Trigger is now complete.

Throughout the User Guide, the installation directory is referred to as install_folder. Substitute the path to your installation directory when you see install_folder in this User Guide.

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