Reports against VigilEnt Security Agent for Windows returns blank results in some columns. (NETIQKB31662)

  • 7731662
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 08-Sep-2008


VigilEnt Security Agent for Windows 3.0

VigilEnt Security Agent for Windows 3.0 SR 1

Reports against VigilEnt Security Agent for Windows returns blank results in some columns.


This problem was resolved by VigilEnt Security Agent for Windows 3.0 SR1 Hot Fix 2. In the reports listed below, columns that were previously left blank will now contain one of the following text messages: "Not Specified", "None", "N/A", or "Does Not Exist." These changes affect the following reports:

  • Common Reports
    -Disabled Users
    -Group List
    -Group Membership Summary
    -Groups User is a Member of
    -Groups with No Users
    -Powerful Groups
    -Powerful Users
    -New User List
    -User Last Access Date
    -User Password Last Change Date
    -User List
    -Users in a Group
    -User Not a Member of any Group
    -User Not Logged on within X Days
    -Users with Expired Password
    -Users with Password=Username
    -Users with Weak Password
    -Users without a Password
  • Windows Reports
    -Internet Checkup Reports
    -Directories with Full Control for Everyone
    -File Ownership Report
    -File Permission List
    -Users Connected To Share
    -Network File Share Permission
    -Users Logged on to a Machine in Last X Days
    -Group Changes within X Days
    -Group Rights Analysis
    -Locked Out Users
    -Show User Settings
    -User Rights Analysis
    -Users Home Directory is Writable to Everyone
    -Users Sharing a Home Directory
    -Users that Cannot Change Their Password
    -Users that Have Never Logged On
    -User who are Privileged Operators
    -Users who Can Shut Down a System
    -Users whose Password will Expire within X Days
    -Users with Invalid Home Directory
    -Users with Password too Short
    -Users without a Home Directory
    -Account Policy Summary
    -Group Rights Analysis
    -Guest Account Settings
    -Locked Out Users
    -Organizational Unit Group List
    -Organizational Unit List
    -Organizational Unit User List
    -Show User Quota for a Specified Volume
    -Show User Rights
    -User Account Profile Summary
    -User Rights Analysis
    -Users Logged on to a Machine in Last X Days
    -Users who Can Take Ownership of Files
    -Users whose Password Never Expires

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB31662