What is needed before installing the agent for the first time? (NETIQKB31518)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 08-Sep-2008


What is needed before installing the agent for the first time?

VigilEnt Security Agent for UNIX 3.0


The following is a list of pre-requisites prior to the installation of VigilEnt Security Agent for UNIX 3.0:

  1. FTP and Telnet must be turned on for the target hosts where you want to install the agent.
  2. Enough disk space - 128 mb ram, Windows - 13 mb disk or Sun Solaris or Linux - 60 mb disk space. More for large reports or caches.
  3. Valid userid on host and must have ftp and telnet rights.
  4. Should have valid, writeable user home directory. Scratch files are put in /usr/home.

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