Audit Scanner service to stops functioning at random intervals (NETIQKB31424)

  • 7731424
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 27-Aug-2007


VigilEnt Security Agent for Sybase 1.0x

Audit Scanner service stops functioning at random intervals in VigilEnt Security Agent for Sybase.

The important information; username, database and status (sqlcqr, sqlcqr_master and "LOG_SUSPEND") is returned.

The VigilEnt Password Manager for Sybase uses a Windows service called the 'Audit Scanner' to monitor events occurring within the Sybase server. This service is dependant on two areas, the Windows environment for the service and the Sybase server environment for the database. This particular issue is caused by a full transaction log device of the 'sqlcqr_master' database. It prevents the stored procedure from processing as normally expected.

To resolve this issue dump the transaction log for the 'sqlcqr_master' database. It is also recommended that the 'Truncate on Checkpoint' feature of Sybase be enabled to prevent this issue in the future.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB31424