How do I uninstall VigilEnt Security Agent for AS/400 5.0/6.0? (NETIQKB31324)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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How do I uninstall VigilEnt Security Agent for AS/400 5.0/6.0?

VigilEnt Security Agent for AS/400 5.0/6.0


To uninstall VigilEnt Security Agent for AS/400 5.0/6.0 you must first verify whether any VigilEnt Exit Programs are installed. 

Refer to the following steps to verify whether Pentasafe Exit Programs are installed:

  1. From a command line type the following and press Enter:
  2. Select Option 8 - Work with Exit Programs
  3. VigilEnt Exit Programs begin with the letters 'AACL'.If NetIQ (formerly PentaSafe) Exit Programs are found select Option 4 to remove them.If none were found, proceed with the uninstall procedure below.

NOTE:  The following subsystems and host servers must be stopped and restarted (using IBM commands) if any VigilEnt Exit Programs are removed: 

  • *FILE host server
  • *DATABASE host server
  • QSERVER subsystem


To uninstall the software refer to the steps below:

  1. From a command line type PSMENU, press Enter.
  2. Select Option 70 Utilities Menu, press Enter.
  3. Select Option 51, press Enter.
  4. Insert a '4'next to each product you want to remove and press Enter

    NOTE: If these menu options are not displayed, Command PSINSTAL/PSUNINSTL can be tried. However, if the library PSINSTAL has been removed, this will not work. It would be necessary to remove the product manually.

The following additional steps should be taken once the PSAudit, System Auditing and Reporting component has been uninstalled as above.

  1. Ensure that PSAudit job schedule entries were removed by the uninstall procedure by issuing two commands:
  2. NOTE: if installing the newer version of the product and continuing to report on security related events, skip this step and step 3 below in order to keep collecting security related information. If Security Auditing is to be turned OFF change 2 System Values - QAUDCTL and QAUDLVL to *NONE to TURN OFF Auditing.
  3. The security journal and receivers may be deleted after changing QAUDCTL and QAUDLVL to *NONE (if that measure was taken above).

If PSSecure has been uninstalled and the System Value QPWDVLDPGM specifies ZPPVP, change it to *NONE.

Library PSINSTALL may be deleted after all components have been uninstalled.

Additionally, related objects in library QGPL may be deleted as follows from a Command Line:

  1. WRKOBJ QGPL/PS* press Enter.
  2. Delete all PSMENU*, PSINSTALL* objects and PSVER* data areas.

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