How do I schedule the 'Delete Collected Entries' job (PSRRMDLTC) using the IBM job scheduler? (NETIQKB31283)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 15-Apr-2008


NetIQ Security Solutions for iSeries 8.0

Remote Request Management (RRM)


How do I schedule the 'Delete Collected Entries' job (PSRRMDLTC) using the IBM job scheduler?


To schedule the Delete Collected Entries job using the IBM job scheduler:

  1. Run PSMENU from the command line.
  2. Select PSSecure (Option 2).
  3. Select Remote Request Management (Option 3).
  4. Select Manage RRM (Option 30).
  5. Select Delete Collected Entries (Option 4).
  6. From the Delete Collected Entries window, press the F9 key.
  7. Specify the Number of Days to Retain as desired. Note: The product ships with a default of 45 Days. You can adjust the number here to something different if necessary.
  8. In the Schedule Job field, enter *yes.
  9. In the Add Job Schedule Entry window, enter the following values:
    • Frequency
    • Schedule Day
    • Schedule Time
  10. Run WRKJOBSCDE from the command line to list all scheduled reports.
  11. Verify the PSRRMDLTC job has been scheduled.



  • The  PSRRMDLTC job may run for a long time if you have a lot of Collected Entries. Be sure ample time is allowed for the job to run, complete and reorganize the Collected Entries.
  • The ZPSSMON subsystem will be ended when the job completes to reorganize the collection files. The ZPSSMON subsystem cannot be manually started during that time. The subsystem will be restarted automatically when the reorganization finishes.

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