A secured entry to allow all operations to *PASS for QSECOFR has been created but the transaction is (NETIQKB31053)

  • 7731053
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 16-Aug-2007


Remote Request Management 7.0

VigilEnt Security Agent for iSeries 5.4/7.0

A secured entry to allow all operations to *PASS for QSECOFR has been created but the transaction is blocked when the user tries to FTP to that system.


There are two ways that the user profile may be blocked in this scenario:

  1. There may be another secured entry for user profile QSECOFR that specifically blocks FTP operations.  Check the secured entries to be sure that there are no conflicting rules.
  2. There may be an entry in Work With User/Server Overrides (Option 6 on the RRM main menu) that would override any single entry in the secured entries screen.  Therefore, if there is an entry in Work With User/Server Overrides for user QSECOFR, server *ALL (or server *FTP), action *FAIL, this would "override" any and all secured entries. 

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB31053