Unattended back up failed with error that object PSCOMMON/NW0007Q is damaged. (NETIQKB31032)

  • 7731032
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 13-Feb-2014


VigilEnt Security Agent for iSeries 7.5
NetIQ Security Solutions for iSeries 8.0
NetIQ Security Solutions for iSeries 8.1
Remote Request Management (RRM)


Unattended back up failed with error that object PSCOMMON/NW0007Q is damaged.
Collection does not start.


To fix the unattended backup, use the following steps:

  1. From the Remote Request Management menu, type 8 (Work with Exit Points) and press Enter.
  2. Press F11 and make note of the Collection Mode used.
  3. Press F7 (Update All).
  4. Set Collected to *NONE.
  5. Press Enter.
  6. Use one of the following procedures to end the RRM collection monitor: 

    • End the ZPSSMON subsystem.
    • From the Manage RRM menu, type 5 (Start/Stop RRM Collection Monitor) and press Enter. Ensure the monitor is stopped.

  7. Delete and then recreate the PSCOMMON/NW0007Q data queue with the following OS/400 commands:

    CRTDTAQ DTAQ(PSCOMMON/NW0007Q) MAXLEN(85) TEXT('(c) 2002 PentaSafe Security Technologies, Inc.') AUT(PSCOMMON) 

  8. Ensure NW0007Q is owned by PSOBJOWN. To change the ownership, use command CHGOBJOWN OBJ(PSCOMMON/NW0007Q) OBJTYPE(*DTAQ) NEWOWN(PSOBJOWN) .
  9. Run the following commands to prepare RRM for use: 
    • ADDLIBLE PSCOMMON and press Enter. 
    • CALL PSCOMMON/NW0099E and press Enter. 
    • CALL PSCOMMON/NW0089C and press Enter. Wait for the process to complete.
    • Restart the ZPSSMON subsystem.
    • Use the Collection Mode noted in Step 2 to turn on collection for each exit point.
    • Ensure the STRSBS ZPSSMON  command is included in the Startup program used after each IPL.


    Dataqueue NW0007Q is damaged.

    Additional Information

    Formerly known as NETIQKB31032

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