PSPF01 file error results after IBM OS V5R1 upgrade. (NETIQKB30936)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 08-Oct-2007


VigilEnt Security Agent for AS/400 5.3/6.3

VigilEnt Security Agent for iSeries 5.4/7.0

PSPF01 file error results after IBM OS V5R1 upgrade.

I am being asked to enter new license codes after upgrading my AS/400 IBM OS to V5R1.

Look for errors for PSPF01 in PSCOMMON indicating the file could not be opened. This will happen when trying to use PSMENU, Option 80. View the joblog (it may be necessary to change the logging level of the Interactive session - CHGJOB - to capture the joblog) and look for a message similar to the following:

File Q120000453 in library QRCL already exists.
File not created.
Cannot create duplicate file Q120000453 in QRCL.
Database file conversion failure.
Member not added. Errors occurred.
Database file conversion failure.
File PSPF01 in library PSCOMMON member or device *N not opened.

Delete the file noted from library QRCL and try Option 80 again. It is likely that the license code that existed prior to the upgrade will again be working properly.

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Formerly known as NETIQKB30936