How do I install or upgrade VigilEnt Security Agent for AS/400 5.3/6.3? (NETIQKB30756)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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How do I install or upgrade VigilEnt Security Agent for AS/400 5.3/6.3?

VigilEnt Security Agent for AS/400 5.2/6.2

VigilEnt Security Agent for AS/400 5.3/6.3


Follow these steps to install AS/400, version 5.3/6.3 (includes steps to upgrade from 5.2/6.2).

Note:  Exit Programs must be removed before upgrading from version 5.2/6.2 to 5.3/6.3. Following are the steps to remove them:

  1. Use command, PSMENU.

  2. Select Option 2, PSSecure.

  3. Select Option 3, Remote Request Management.

  4. Select Option 7, Remove all VigilEnt exit programs.

  5. Select Option 8, Restart *File and *Database Servers and restart subsystem Qserver (if on IBM OS V5R1, prestart jobs in QUSRWRK subsystem must be ended as well).

  6. Exit from the VigilEnt product.

  7. Sign on with a profile having *ALLOBJ and *SECADM, Special Authority.

  8. Verify that system value, QALWOBJRST, specifies either *All or *ALWPGMADP.

  9. Load the media in the appropriate AS/400 drive.

  10. Type the following on an AS/400 command line:


  11. When the VigilEnt installation program is restored the following message is displayed:


  12. Type PSINSTALL on the command line and press Enter.

  13. Review the Software Agreement and accept or reject it.

  14. If upgrading, and a screen is displayed that shows jobs currently running, cancel the jobs by typing F4=End Job beside each job.

  15. If the installation program detects RRM exit programs, enter a reply of Y to remove them and cycle the *FILE and *DATABASE servers and restart Qserver subsystem (this will occur if the Exit Programs were not manually removed as noted in the steps above).

  16. Type the device name to be used to install and press Enter.

  17. Select the products to be installed by typing 1=Install Product and press Enter.

  18. Confirm the intention to install the products selected by pressing Enter.

  19. CUM PTF can be applied when the upgrade/install completes unless there is a subsequent upgrade to be done next, such as to 5.4/7.0 in which case, only the CUM for the newest version (5.4/7.0 as of June 2002) need be applied.

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