How do I install an agent(s) on a different or non conventional drive? (NETIQKB29906)

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How do I install an agent(s) on a different or non conventional drive?

Security Manager 4.50

Security Manager 4.20


Agent Manager is no longer required to use the default system shares (e.g. C$, D$).

To install an agent(s) on a different drive follow refer to the following steps:

  1. Log on to the Development Console computer using an account that is a member of the 'OnePointOp ConfgAdms' group.
  2. Expand the 'Configuration Snap-in' in the left pane.
  3. Click Global Settings in the left pane.
  4. Double-click Agent Managers in the right pane.
  5. Select the 'Agent Install Share' tab in the Agent Manager Properties window.
  6. Deselect the Use default windows install directory check box.
  7. Enter the appropriate information in the 'System Share' and 'Agent Share' fields.
  8. Click Ok.

Explanation of the Fields on the Agent Install Shares Tab

  • Agent Manager Properties - Agent Install Shares Tab

    Allows you to specify shares on which to install the Security Manager agent and system files. Agents collect information and perform Security Manager functions. System files include common files that all programs on the central computer can use. These files are not specifically tailored for Security Manager. 
    • On the agent computer, create the shares on which you want to install agent and system files. Specify the shares on this window, and then click OK.

  • System share

    Specifies an existing root share on the operating system drive on which the Agent Manager installs system files. 

    If you have renamed the root share on the system drive, specify the new share name. For example, if you renamed the C$ root share to AdminShare$, specify AdminShare$. If your operating system drive is the D drive, specify D$.

  • Agent share

    Specifies an existing share on which the Agent Manager installs the agent. The Agent Manager creates the 'MCS OnePoint' folder on the specified share and installs the agent in the MCS OnePoint folder. The share does not need to be a root share.

  • Use default Windows install directory

    Specifies that the Agent Manager installs the system files in the system folder and the agent files in the <Program Files\MCS OnePoint> folder on the default drive identified in the registry. For example, if the default installation folder identified in the registry is <C:\Program Files>, Security Manager uses C$ as the default share.

  • Use global settings

    Specifies whether this Agent Manager uses the share specification in the global Agent Manager settings. This field is available only when managing individual Agent Manager properties.


  • If you want to install an agent on a different drive on a Windows 2003 Server (any edition), first change the default share permission that is set to read only to allow write access to Agent Manager service account. Agent manager service account must have write access to System share and the Agent share.
  • If a new agent manager is pointed to a MOM (Microsoft Operations Manager) agent, it will still function as it has in past versions of Security Manager.
  • If a customized agent manager tries to upgrade an already installed agent, it will try to match up the existing install path to the new share. If it can not, an error will be created. To view the error, Go to Monitor console | Security Views | Security Manager Self-monitoring | Agent Installation Failures view.
  • If you configured a custom agent and system shares during agent deployment, ensure y.
    ou specify the same shares for all configuration groups. When you set the Global settings it makes the process universal for all agents to be installed on that drive. If you have more then one Agent Manager and you plan to configure each Agent Manager to deploy agents on different shares, deselect the Use global settings check box on each Agent Manager Properties.

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