I see RRM Rejected Entry notifications for TELNET in QSYSOPR Message queue when I tried to bring my (NETIQKB29588)

  • 7729588
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 08-Oct-2007


VigilEnt Security Agent for iSeries 5.4/7.0

Rejected Entry notification from the TELNET Exit Point for a Twinax controller, after an IPL.

When the exit program for TELNET Exit Point is removed, rejected entries stop.

TELNET attributes are not set up as they should be to allow the controller to come up as desired.


To resolve this issue, perform the following from the Remote Request Management main menu:

  1. Select Option 30 Manage RRM, press Enter
  2. Select Option 21 Change Telnet Attribute, press Enter
  3. Enter the values noted and press Enter to update:
    • Allow printer sessions   -  *YES    ( with this set to *NO it will likely cause the rejections )
    • Allow printer device creation  -   *YES   ( if this is set to *NO,  the printer device *DEVD must exist prior to starting the controllers. The device status must also be varied off or varied on pending before starting the controller or printer.)             

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB29588