How do I completely uninstall the VigilEnt Sybase agent. (NETIQKB29419)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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How do I completely uninstall the VigilEnt Sybase agent.

VigilEnt Security Agent for Sybase 1.0x

NOTE: These directions are assuming that you have done a full install of the agent.

To completely uninstall the Sybase agent, follow the directions below:

Database Object Removal Steps

  1. Log into Sybase Central as the sa account and look into the stored procedures of the master database. You will see procedures with an extension of "_sybase." Locate each of the similarly named stored procedures and rename them as per this example:
    Sp_password and sp_password_sybase are both present.

    Rename sp_password to sp_password_sqlcqr and sp_password_sybase to sp_password.
  2. Remove all stored procedures that end with _sqlcqr (e.g. sp_password_sqlcqr).
  3. Remove the sqlcqr and sqlcqr_vsm_agent user from all databases - except the sqlcqr_master database.
  4. Remove the sqlcqr_master database (optionally, if they are not being used by other databases, remove the database devices that are being used by the sqlcqr_master database).
  5. Remove the sqlcqr and sqlcqr_vsm_agent logins from the sybase instance.

Operating System Steps:

  1. Open up the three consoles via the 'Start' menu--The DB agent console, the notificationagent console and the sybase scanner console.
  2. Stop the services (via the GUIs) and then uninstall the services - there are buttons within the GUIs to handle this.

    : If there are other database agents (e.g. Oracle or SQL Server) in use on this machine - do not stop or uninstall the db agent console and the notification agent console as this will disable features necessary for the other agents.)
  3. After the NT services have been taken care of - Activate the uninstall process via Add/Remove programs.

Additional Information

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